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Peach County was created from parts of Houston and Macon Counties in 1924 and was named for the area's abundant peach crop. Prior to 1821 the area had been a part of the vast hunting grounds of the Creek Nation. Many of the first settlers were descendants of those Virginians and Carolinians who a century earlier had been attracted to Georgia.


Dedicated to Preserving History

The Peach County Historical Society, Inc is a non-profit, tax exempt corporation organized by the people of Peach County in 1987. Its purposes are to bring together persons who are interested in history, and especially the rich and varied history of Peach County, Georgia.

Understanding the history and heritage of our community is basic to our democratic way of life. It gives us a better appreciation of our state and nation and promotes the preservation and transmission to future generations of the great American heritage.

Six interesting and informative meetings are held each year. Meetings are held at the Society Headquarters, members' residences, and other interesting places. This adds variety and provides opportunities for members to observe first hand what others are doing to preserve Peach County's rich history.

Efforts are made to personally contact all new residents and introduce them to the Society and its work. Unique among these efforts is the "new comers" reception.

The society also sponsors several fund-raising activities throughout the year, including picnics in the park, English teas, and sales at various events like the Annual Peach Festival.

A Preservation Commission has been established by the City of Fort Valley to assist in retaining and establishing historical districts. The Society works with this Commission.

All interested persons are invited to become active members.


Towns in Peach County


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